About Us

Labuan Bajo

A gate to paradise, Labuan Bajo treasures nature wonders for centuries. From the legendary komodo dragons, enchanting marine life, breathtaking scapes; this destination is a treasure trove for wanderers. The soothing coastline and captivating lush soil frames a breathtaking scenery. As the sun sets, an alluring view unveiled from the land’s spectral hills. Dive deep and explore into the rich ocean gems, while the luxuriant cruise swiftly sails into unspoilt regions.


Labuan Bajo

Live A Life Of Wonder

Discovering The Nature & Quality of Life

Life is a flow, life is flowing. All wonders are around you, every moment you meet a new moment, you are breathing in one moment and you are breathing out the next moment.

Komodo National Park

Expect the unexpected- Experience the view of rugged golden Savannah landscape encompassed by dazzling azure waters, tri colour beaches, with the living Komodo dragon.

Entrepreneurial Activities

As a developing tourism destination, Labuan Bajo offers the potential and opportunities for entrepreneurial activities, which attracts outside investors. The hotel, food and beverage, tour, and travel industries are all highly promising.

Kaliwatu Residence

Kaliwatu is a unique residential complex consisting of villas and apartments, nestled in the midst of lush greenery, jungle, a river, and breathtaking sea views. The Kaliwatu project was initiated with the vision of creating the first fully-managed residential complex in Flores, equipped with complete smart home technology.

Kaliwatu’s seamless connectivity allows residents to effortlessly explore the surrounding attractions, with a short walking distance to the world-class shophouses and gourmet restaurants, beach clubs, and 10-min drive to the centre of Labuan Bajo and Komodo International Airport.

Inside this collection of exquisite residences, the interior is a harmonious blend of modern Italian touch and the enchanting beauty of its surroundings, intertwined with elements of concrete, natural stone, and wood material. The generously sized bedrooms and living areas will captivate you, where panoramic views of the seascape and your very own private pool unfold before your eyes.


Mission & Commitments


Our commitment is to earn the trust of our customers and shareholders as we strive to become a significant player in the market. In doing so, we aim to provide substantial investment value for our partners.


Our unwavering commitment is to safeguard the environment and cultivate a harmonious coexistence with nature through our development endeavours.


We are deeply committed to sustainability, prioritizing eco-friendly practices in Labuan Bajo. We actively support the local community by promoting responsible tourism, collaborating with local businesses, and investing in community development projects. Our aim is to create a positive and lasting impact that benefits both the environment and the people of Labuan Bajo.


Reason to Choose

180° View

The unique land contour and
elevation creates a panoramic view of the land and ocean.

Integrated Facilities

Each residence is equipped with private high-speed connection, smart home technology, and complete lifestyle facilities.

Crafted with Italian Touch

Inspired by the timeless traditions and modern innovations.

Close to Airport

Easy access to Komodo International Airport within 10 minute drive

One Stop Intertainment

Inspired by the timeless traditions and modern innovations.

Natural Terraced Landscape

Placed above each other to ensure residents’
privacy and discretion.

Market Review


Visitor Growth in 2014-2019

Reaching the highest number of visitors in 2019—280.000.


Recovery Rate After Pandemic

Recovery rate af ter pandemic annually from 2021to 2022.


Targeted Tourist Growth

Targeted tourist growth that will reach 1.5 million visitors.

Investment Opportunity


Annual Nett Yield Gain


Property Value Appreciation in 10 Years


Hotel Industry Occupancy Rate


Invest Correct and Invest Right with Kaliwatu.