Who We Are

Co-founded by Cermin Cinta Investment and Palma Group, PT.Kaliwatu comprises a highly skilled and diverse team of experienced professionals from Europe and Indonesia, specializing in financial asset investments as well as property development and management. Our team’s expertise spans several decades in these fields.

Our buildings emphasize on architectural, structural design and construction as an integrated system. Leading our project structural design initiate by Professor Made Sukrawa, an esteemed structural engineer renowned within the industry. With an educational background in the United States and an impressive portfolio of successful ventures in Indonesia, Mr. Sukrawa possesses over 30 years of invaluable experience in constructing hotels and residential properties.

Collaborating with Mr. Sukrawa is the esteemed architect, Massimo Perini, hailing from Italy. Together, they have forged a partnership focused on creating remarkable architectural masterpieces in Bali since 2008. To enhance the aesthetics and functionality of our projects, we rely on the expertise of a team of talented interior designers from both Europe and Indonesia. Their combined knowledge and artistic sensibilities contribute to creating spaces that are visually captivating and optimized for maximum comfort and usability.

At last is Mr. Alessandro Mugavero who lead our site construction team. As an experienced construction professional from Italy. With a robust background in the construction industry, Mr. Mugavero has accumulated over a decade of valuable experience working on various projects across Indonesia. As the project manager, he brings his expertise and knowledge to ensure the smooth execution and successful completion of our endeavours. With a keen eye for detail and a proven track record, Mr. Mugavero plays a pivotal role in coordinating and managing the construction activities, ensuring that they adhere to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. His leadership and extensive industry experience make him a valuable asset to our team.


PT. Kaliwatu aspires to TRANSFORM the cities in which we are living by establishing new communities with environmentally conscious development. We have a big ambition to develop Labuan Bajo into the most valuable tourist destination in Indonesia.




Demand for innovations, solutions, and technologies is rising in the Real Estate industry. We put so much passion into
construction and architectural innovation.


We are devoted to protecting the environment and fostering a sense of harmony with nature via our development.


We value customer and shareholder trust to grow into a major player in the market. Through this, we are committing to delivering high investment value for our partners


Reason to Choose

180° View

The unique land contour and
elevation creates a panoramic view of the land and ocean.

Integrated Facilities

Each residence is equipped with private high-speed connection, smart home technology, and complete lifestyle facilities.

Crafted with Italian Touch

Inspired by the timeless traditions and modern innovations.

Close to Airport

Easy access to Komodo International Airport within 10 minute drive

One Stop Intertainment

Inspired by the timeless traditions and modern innovations.

Natural Terraced Landscape

Placed above each other to ensure residents’
privacy and discretion.

Market Review


Visitor Growth in 2014-2019

Reaching the highest number of visitors in 2019—280.000.


Recovery Rate After Pandemic

Recovery rate af ter pandemic annually from 2021to 2022.


Targeted Tourist Growth

Targeted tourist growth that will reach 1.5 million visitors.

Investment Opportunity


Annual Nett Yield Gain


Property Value Appreciation in 10 Years


Hotel Industry Occupancy Rate


Invest Correct and Invest Right with Kaliwatu.