A gate to paradise, Labuan Bajo treasures nature wonders for centuries. From the legendary komodo dragons, enchanting marine life, breathtaking scapes; this destination is a treasure trove for wanderers. The soothing coastline and captivating lush soil frames a breathtaking scenery. As the sun sets, an alluring view unveiled from the land’s spectral hills. Dive deep and explore into the rich ocean gems, while the luxuriant cruise swiftly sails into unspoilt regions.




Tourist Attraction




1 Min

Komodo International Airport

10 Min

Main Harbor

10 Min

Waicicu View Point

10 Min

Wae Kelambu Port

10 Min

Parapuar View Point

15 Min

Goa Rangko

15 Min

Melo Village

30 Min

Tanamori / ITDC

40 Min

1 DAY TRIP (9 Hours)

Reachable by Sailing

Manjarite Beach
Loh Buaya Komodo Nat. Park
Manta Point
Turtle Point
Pink Beach
Padar Island
Pantai Merah
Komodo National Park
Taka Makassar
Kelor Island